KeySafe Frequently Asked Questions

What is a KeySafe?
A KeySafe is a small electronic safe that has been modified so that it can be controlled from a web page. Since a web page is used for control, the safe can be located in one place and controlled from another. We call it a "KeySafe" because keys are one of the main things we think someone would lock inside the unit. The idea is to allow long distance control of access to the contents of the safe.
Do I need to have a KeySafe to use this site?
The majority of our members do not have a physical KeySafe. You are welcome to use the features of this web site with or without a physical KeySafe and the site can be useful in both situations. Also please note that there are no membership charges associated with the web site.
What does a KeySafe cost?
We no longer offer plans and we now discourage people from building their own Keysafe. The total cost for materials and labor exceed what our fully assembled models run. Also the do-it-yourself model is now obsolete due to several required items being no longer available. We now offer completely assembled, ready to use, Keysafes, in models ranging in cost from $50 - $595. If you would like buy a Keysafe, see this page.
How is a KeySafe used?
Typically a KeySafe is used to lockup a set of keys for a chastity device. The person who wears the device (Wearer) has the safe at his/her location, but control of the safe is by someone else (Holder) at a (possibly) different location. This way the person controlling the safe, controls when the device wearer has access to the keys.
What if you do not have a partner?
In addition to controlling KeySafes, these web pages are designed to help you find a partner, whether you are looking for a Wearer or a Holder. There are profile pages available so you can advertise your interests. There is also a feature called "Strict Mistress" which can control a KeySafe for those without a partner.
What is Strict Mistress?
Strict Mistress is a computer simulated persona who, if you chose, can grant you permission based on a complicated algorithm. She enjoys controlling both boys and girls. She offers many levels of "strictness" depending on the degree of denial you wish, anything from a few minutes up to years between releases is available. If you have a KeySafe, Strict Mistress can control when the safe unlocks, making the permissions very real.
What does a (human) Holder need to control the KeySafe?
A Holder needs an Internet connection, and an Internet Browser. From the Holder's point of view, controlling a wearer's safe, is as easy as browsing any password protected web page.
What does a Wearer need to hook up the KeySafe?
The wearer will need an Internet connection, a computer and a web browser. Different Keysafe models have different requirements in addition to these, see this page for details.
How does a KeySafe work?
The Holder clicks on a web page button to indicate that an unlock is allowed. At some later time, the Wearer logs onto the web site's unlock page, and the web page will directly or indirectly opens the safe. The Holder can also set a large number of options to make the chastity experience more interesting, including adding games of chance, and hidden "windows" that must be discovered to earn a release.
How can I access the KeySafe web pages?
On order to access the KeySafe web pages, you need to setup an account. We want to limit access to those persons who have a genuine interest in chastity, orgasm control or related topics. However, setting up an account does not obligate you to buy a KeySafe, offer your keys to anyone, or to play with Strict Mistress. To setup your own account, Click here. Or if you already have an account, Click here.
How do I join the chastity mailing list?
The chastity mailing list is not active these days. We recommend you join Chastity Mansion for ongoing discussions about chastity.
Do you have any advice regarding the kind of profile to post here?

The reason you are posting a profile is to let others get to know a bit about you. If at all possible, post a picture of yourself. My suggestion is to post a completely ordinary picture, the kind you would send to your mother. That way if someone were to ever misuse the picture, by posting it someplace else, there is no harm done. Be aware that all uploaded pictures are reviewed before they are made available for general viewing. Due to new US regulations regarding web site, nudity is not allowed. In the text areas, we encourage you to post as much information as you can, and do try to be honest. Deception will typically be discovered later to everyone's distress.

Why doesn't the BACK and REFRESH buttons work like I expect on the Strict Mistress pages?

Never use the BACK button or REFRESH button when visiting Strict Mistress, doing so will usually not do what you wanted and She will usually become annoyed with you. You can click on one of the "STRICT" links at the bottom of a page even when already on a Strict Mistress page. That will work properly.