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The KeySafe web site has been created for entertainment and amusement only. Do not rely on this web site for anything important. We make no guarantees that this site will do anything at all, let alone anything useful. Should it actually serve a purpose, that would be completely accidential. This site is under continuous development, and is therefore experimental. You are encouraged to make suggestions and to report problems, but there is no assurance that your reports will be acted upon. The developer of this site retains the right to make any changes that he wishes for what ever reason at any time.

Additional disclaimers:

  1. The functions of this web site may change, become temporarily unavailable, or be discontinued, at any time without notice.
  2. You should consider this site to be "beta". It is only partly tested. Consider your self to be one of the testers. This means you agree to accept the fact that features and functions may not work, that bugs are most likely present and the site may behave erraticly.
  3. You are using this site at your own risk, and will take personal responsibility for any consequences that arise from said use. You will not hold anyone, including but not limited to, other users of this site, the developer of this site, or the hosting company, responsible for anything that happens as a result of your use of this site.
  4. Always safe guard your password, never disclose it to anyone. Should your password become compromised, you need to immediately notify the administrator.
  5. You agree to sign into this web site at least once per week. If you fail to log in at least that often, you risk having your account removed. Notwithstanding the preceeding, we researve the right to remove your account at any time for any reason.
  6. Never use this web site while intoxicated, within 6 hours of taking a sleep aid, or while operating heavy equipment.
  7. These terms are subject to change without notice, you agree to read them from time to time, to refresh your memory about how foolish you are to use this site.
  8. The persona of Strict Mistress ia a fictional charactor. Any similarity to persons living or dead is purely accidental.
  9. We offer to verify the gender of our female members, but not all members who claim to be women use this feature, and our verification procedures are not bullet-proof. Other information that members put into their personal profiles is not checked by us. It is up to you to ensure that other members of the site are who they represent themselves to be.

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